Gabriel Rigon

removed by request from Gabriel Rigon

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am very astonished to see pictures from Gabriele Rigon on YOur blog as well as many other Photographs I know – Do You possess the permission to publish the works of all those artists in Your Blog ??

  2. Jota Cê Says:

    @anon – why don’t you ask them? The most wrote a permission. Others not.
    All requests to delete photographs as well links from websites are allways accepted.
    If you take a look this weblog promotes quality in art nudes. Is also a way to promote photographers. Whithout commercial or other ineterests.

  3. I am GAbriele Rigon,
    I didn’t autorize you to publish this picture at this URL:

    I am going to ask you to cancell it as soon as possible.

    Gabriele Rigon

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